Alarm Management

Targeted hedging
of your corporate IT

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The ZIS System automates alerting processes for operational teams and enables response from any location.  The alarm management of the ZIS-System ensures a fast, reliable and effective response to incidents before important systems and processes are affected.

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A variety of alerting media

The smooth operation of critical systems, IT and infrastructures is supported by target-oriented and secure alerting. For example, you have the possibility to alert via voice call (voice over IP, voice over GSM), SMS, e-mail, Skype for Business or smartphone push, you can automatically escalate and track the alarm delivery.

On call service planning

For a successful on-call service concept, it is necessary to ensure a proactive on-call service planning in all its aspects and to enable a quick response to changes. For this purpose, the ZIS-System offers the option of storing on-call service plans. The assignment of on-call service staff is flexible and can be adjusted individually at any time.

The LeuTek-App

  • Push Notification
  • Alarm overview
  • Reachabilities
  • On call planning
  • Calender

Video Alerting

Have a look at our video:
Overview of efficient and reliable alerting using the ZIS System

Video Alerting

Alarm Management – Key Facts

consideration of
maintenance planning

alerting media 



suppressing identical
alarms within
definable periods

alarm reduction
by customizable
alarm filters

secured alerting by
escalation steps
within an on-call

prioritization of
alarms using
different severities

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