Business Service Monitoring

Keep your services in view

Keep an eye on your services

Root-Cause Analysis

One of the central tasks of a high-performance Business Service Monitoring is to easily detect errors and their effects. With the analysis tools “Root-Cause Analysis and “Impact Analysis” we offer you the right tools. In the case of an error or failure, the Root-Cause Analysis can be used to trace back exactly which object caused the error condition. To make the faulty component easier to locate, the path of the root cause is highlighted.

Impact Analysis

The impact analysis illustrates the service dependencies and enables the visualization of the sub-services and top-level services affected by a component failure. In addition, the Impact Analysis reveals the relationships between the individual objects. The simulation feature of the Impact Analysis identifies potential effects of incidents or changes on lower-level or higher-level services. The advantage is that any effects on existing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) can be identified in advance and taken into account accordingly.

Business Service Monitoring – Key Facts

360° view over
complete IT

Automated creation of service
structures (e.g. from CMDB)

Drill-down feature
within service structures

Multi-tenant dashboards
showing all additional information

alarm features

maintenance scenarios

Service impact analyses:
displays impacts of downtimes
for services and customers

Automated root-cause
analysis for fast and efficient
error handling

Assessing, correlating, and
aggregating events to provide
meaningful service statuses

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