Capacity Management

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Capacity Management

In many cases, expert teams use specialized management solutions in a complex IT infrastructure to monitor the systems within their area. Successful companies have a consolidated view of their complete IT infrastructure. This is the central requirement for a state-of-the-art umbrella system. It must be possible to easily integrate existing management systems and solutions and to display their information in a compact service view to support IT service management.


Capacity management also always means rightsizing capacities. Resources are made available according to economic needs and demand, also with a look into the future. The planning of capacities within Service Management must be fast and flexible. The more precise the forecasts, the more successful the company will be. Downtimes are minimized and the availability of services significantly increased.

Forecasts & Trends

LeuTek’s Capacity Management enables capacity measurement and monitoring based on services, systems and applications on the one hand and the prioritization, optimization and planning of capacities based on forecasts and trends on the other.

Capacity Management - Key Facts

Business transparency for
systems and applications

Forecast & diagnosis of capacities
using trends and top views

Optimizing server
and hardware resources

Proactive information in case
of imminent bottlenecks

Qualitative and quantitative
base for KPI reports

Clear dashboards for
control centers and management

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