Cloud & Docker Monitoring

Monitor your cloud infrastructure

Cloud Monitoring

The ZIS system solution provides a comprehensive overview of the cloud infrastructure. The ZIS Cloud Connector monitors the private, public and hybrid cloud of the respective cloud provider.

Automated cloud monitoring

It is possible to monitor the performance and availability data of cloud services in an efficient and automated way. This provides overall monitoring that includes all your cloud providers. The data are used for evaluating availability and performance of your IT and business services. It depends on the web service API of the cloud provider what metrics can be monitored.

Cloud Monitoring

The ZIS System solution provides a comprehensive overview of the cloud infrastructure. The ZIS cloud connector is used by default to monitor performance, KPIs and availability data of the cloud providers Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

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Cloud Discovery

When accessing the cloud service account, the cloud infrastructure of the providers AWS and Azure is automatically detected; the monitoring structure for the cloud resources is then created in the ZIS System. If the cloud infrastructure is extended, new resources are automatically added to the existing monitoring infrastructure.


The ZIS System uses the same users tags or labels that you use to identify your services and cloud instances. This harmonizes and simplifies your view on the cloud resources, which enables departments to identify the real reasons of problems faster.

Cloud Connector

This allows the performance and availability data of the cloud services to be monitored efficiently and automatically. Therefore a comprehensive monitoring of your various cloud providers and the inclusion of the availability and performance of your IT and business services is provided. The monitored metrics are based on the respective web service API of the cloud provider. Secure communication with the cloud provider via a DMZ is guaranteed.


Overview Cloud Monitoring with ZIS-System

Long-term archiving of performance and availability data

Webservice APIs per cloud provider

Inclusion of cloud services in the service (level) calculation

Powerful event correlation - logical weighting and relation of statuses

Integrated Alarm Management

Check of the available cloud storage

Measurement of performance data and availability of cloud applications


Docker Monitoring

The ZIS solution provides you an automatic monitoring system of your docker environment.

In the Docker environment it is elementary to recognize if sufficient containers have been started in a defined docker service. This information is provided automatically by the ZIS system in conjunction with the ZIS agent and informs when the resources of the service come to the defined thresholds.

Docker-Monitoring with ZIS-System

A special ZIS Agent monitors the installed containers on a docker node. It monitors the performance, the events and the log files of the containers. Newly added containers are automatically monitored. If the Docker-Swarm is extended by further Docker-Nodes, this Docker-Node including the installed container is automatically monitored.

The following metrics are monitored with the ZIS system:

  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Memory consumption of a container
  • DISK I / O
  • Network I / O
  • Events from docker container
  • Services (number of defined containers /
    number of existing containers)
  • etc.


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