End to End Monitoring

IT from end users point of view

End-to-End monitoring means monitoring availability and response times from the point of view of end users. This allows companies to monitor applications proactively and to check and record the real availability of IT services. It is targeted to detect emerging system bottlenecks as soon as possible in order to solve them even before the end user is affected.

Satisfied employees and customers

The End-to-End monitoring solution of the ZIS System offers a complete information workflow from application monitoring from the point of view of end users to service level monitoring. If the violation of the defined thresholds is imminent, integrated alarm management informs the system administrators at an early stage.

Reliable End-to-End monitoring leads to increased end user and customer satisfaction

End to End Monitoring ‒ Key Facts

Monitoring availability
and performance from
the point of view
of end users

Intelligent script recorder
used for easy setup
and modification
of workflow

Supporting all available
and proprietary
applications (e.g. Citrix, SAP,
web portals, etc.)

Tamper-proof logging
and long-term archive

Multi-tenant and
clear dashboards

Automated alarms and
connection to incident


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