IT Monitoring
with ZIS-System

Modular monitoring software solution by LeuTek

Modular IT monitoring for your infrastructure

The ZIS System by LeuTek is a modular monitoring solution that covers the complete monitoring range, from systems management and umbrella monitoring (central monitoring) to monitoring business services and service level agreements.

The whole spectrum is completed by integrated end-to-end monitoring, capacity management and cloud monitoring. Our ZIS solution provides a platform for holistic monitoring including comprehensive automation. This considerably reduces your operational costs and improves availability.

The benefits of the ZIS-System

centralized view
on your IT

monitoring solution

easy generation
of reports



Our state-of-the-art dashboards provide all relevant information in real time at a single glance. Comprehensive automated analysis features (drill-down analyses, root-cause analyses, business impact analyses, trend analyses, risk assessment, etc.) efficiently support the persons in charge in their daily work.

certified monitoring "made in Germany"

Since 2006 LeuTek GmbH is part of the USU Group. As a result, LeuTek has a product and system portfolio within the Group covering all 16 ITIL® disciplines. The ZIS system has been awarded the PinkVerify ™ certification for Event Management, Availability Management and Capacity Management. This ensures a standardized and service-oriented IT service management.

Serview Certified Tool

The ZIS system is thoroughly analysed on the basis of over 600 SERVIEW CERTIFIEDTOOL assessment criteria and covers following disciplines:

  • Service Level Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Availability Management
  • Event Management
  • Service Reporting

The ZIS System: one tool to keep track of the entire IT system.

From systems management to cloud monitoring to service level monitoring – the ZIS System covers all monitoring disciplines:

Systems Management

In its capacity as Systems Management, the ZIS system manages and controls the IT resources.

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Umbrella System

Umbrella System: The ZIS System as a central monitoring tool for software, hardware, cloud services and infrastructure.

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Cloud Monitoring

The ZIS System offers you optimal cloud monitoring to keep track of various accounts with different cloud providers.

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Container Monitoring

Container monitoring by LeuTek registers and displays everything that happens in the container environment.

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Capacity Management

With the module "Capacity Management" you plan and control all required capacities. Forecasts are presented in clear dashboards.

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Business Service Monitoring

Use our ZIS System to monitor business processes and procedures in your company.

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Service Level Monitoring

Compliance with the Service Level Agreements is monitored in order to detect and avoid imminent violations at an early stage.

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End to End Monitoring

With the End-to-End Monitoring module, the ZIS System supervises availability and performance from the end-user’s point of view.

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Alarm Management

Alarm management within the ZIS System can be used to specifically inform the responsible staff in the event of an error.

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Overview of the ZIS system

Dependencies between business processes and IT are increasing constantly making a powerful IT infrastructure indispensable. A holistic monitoring tool is the solution. You can use our ZIS System to monitor and analyze your complete system landscape and services/processes.

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