Make the best use of your software. LeuTek offer trainings and seminars several times per year for professionals by professionals and for those who want to become professionals. The trainings present system basics and deepen and freshen existing ZIS System knowledge.

The trainings are held on a hands-on basis. The elements of the ZIS System are shortly presented, and new contents are consolidated using exercises.

In addition to the trainings offered here, it is self-understood that LeuTek offer customer-specific seminars to meet your individual requirements. We teach single users or small groups intensively and individually in your premises or at LeuTek. You can expect a competent training team with many years experience.

Contact us and share your wishes with us. We would be glad to tailor a training package for you.

These are our current trainings:

Dec 03, 2015 | 04:58 pm CET


On request
In this 4-day seminar, you will learn the theoretical basics of the ZIS System which are practiced in a large number of exercises. You will learn on a separate system the different configurations and possibilities provided by the ZIS System.

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In this 4-day seminar, you will learn the basics of the ZISREXX programming language which are reinforced throughout a variety of practical examples around the topic of data center automation.

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In this 3-day seminar, you will learn a large number of possibilities how to display your data center environment with ZISGUI. A sample is used to visually display a data center environment consisting of mainframe, client/server systems, and infrastructure, e.g. A/C, fire panels.

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During the 3-day training, you will be taught the expanded features of the ZISSLM in its new look & feel. After a short refresh of the basics, you will learn in the second part of the training how to use the new features and possibilities of the ZISSLM.

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On request
During the 3-day training, you will learn the basics as well as wide possibilities of the ZISAgent. In the basic training, you will learn how to work with the ZISAgent as monitoring tool and how to use variable templates as a basis to standardize monitoring in large environments.

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On request
In this 3-day seminar, you will learn theoretical knowledge and how to use the ZIS product family and the 3rd party products. In this workshop-like intensive seminar, different product experts commit themselves to practical examples and respond to your questions and problems.

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