ZIS System

The ZIS System by LeuTek is a central umbrella system used to monitor business services. It is a classic systems management tool, that is certified for the ITIL disciplines event and availability management as well as service level monitoring. You can monitor, control and operate the whole range of resources in a data center such as servers, network, mainframes, and infrastructure. The data that the system collects for monitoring can easily be analyzed, correlated, and used for different purposes and displayed. For this purpose, all areas that are relevant for IT operation are integrated in a full, cross-tenant systems management concept. To fulfill these multifaceted tasks, the following basic features are integrated in the ZIS System:

Business service monitoring

The service monitor is integrated in the ZIS System. It is the ideal tool to create business service monitoring and the pertaining graphical display from data retrieved from a configuration management database (CMDB) in an automated manner. Once automated monitoring is implemented in the system, the different display tools allow tenant-specific views in real-time.

Systems management

The systems management by LeuTek provides an overview of the availability of all important systems and business processes as well as different levels of view and operation accesses. All important statuses and interfaces that are relevant for IT operation are available on a central monitoring console. This allows you for example to monitor all resources and occurring events in the network accross platforms.

Server and application monitoring

The ZIS System gives an overview of the availability of servers, applications, and processes. If you integrate a large number of servers and applications in the monitoring concept and/or if special functional requirements need to be met, network load and functions require adapted active agents on the target systems. LeuTek provide a self-developed ZISAgent within the ZIS System family.

Event correlation

The ZIS System supports both rule- and object-based correlation technologies. Due to a special structure, these exact methods lead to a clear description of the status of the source object at a very early stage. Correlation rules can be connected both to event definitions (bottom-up) and to service definitions (top-down). Within a so-called Event Unit (corresponds to an individual object), the statuses of individual objects are aggregated and correlated.

Alarm management

The ZIS System has a flexible, efficient, and secure alarm management where alarm monitoring in the control center and escalated alarms within on-call services complement each other. It allows tailor-made alarms by combining different alarm media (SMS, voice call, e-mail, Cityruf, and fax) depending on time and urgency.

Mainframe monitoring and console consolidation

It is especially for mainframe monitoring and console consolidation that the ZIS System provides a large number of features. This applies to external monitoring, event processing, console consolidation, console monitoring and controlling, IPL management, remote operating, heart beat check as well as HMC controlling and monitoring. It is understood that all common host platforms such as z/OS, z/Linux, z/VM, X-Serious, VM/VES, and BS2000 are integrated.

Infrastructure monitoring

Infrastructure monitoring with the ZIS System on the hand allows to connect directly temperature sensors, mains analysers, RCM devices, etc. and on the other hand to connect indirectly to upstream management systems of building technology and fire panels.

Power management

LeuTek have developed an intelligent current distribution especially for power management in data centers. It can be used in server racks to supply both 230V systems (e.g. servers, switches, and storage devices) and 400V standalone systems (e.g. mainframes, disk systems, or robots). The current values determined by these components are collected by the ZIS System, combined to series of measurements, archived, and displayed as chart for real-time reporting.


The ZIS System has a very powerful script language to set up and ensure complete system automation. This easy to learn script language can be used to address all essential ZIS features and to set up a comprehensive automation solution.

Remote operating

The remote operating concept of the ZIS System allows a user to control one or more data centers from remote locations. This makes it possible to move system controlling easily in case of desaster recovery. Moreover, a secure, unattended operation including on-call services can be implemented.


The ZIS System has a role-based privilege concept where an unlimited number of users and user groups can be defined. This includes a granular privilege administration which allows to assign specific privileges. Additionally, comprehensive logging of all important actions ensures required audit security.

There are very high expectations on a monitoring system regarding stability and availability. If any problems occur in the areas of infrastructure, network, or any other fatal failures, the monitoring system must remain available in order to keep records of and to display the scope of the failure.

The ZIS-system
The ZIS-system

For this purpose, a full high-availability concept is available within the ZIS System architecture:

  • Duplicate database servers; continuous data mirroring
  • Features distributed to dedicated application servers; they can automatically be moved to other servers if they fail
  • Additional installation of a watchdog for permanent monitoring of ZIS System environment and initiating a failover to the backup system in case of a failure

The 3-tier architecture, which consists of database, application and presentation layer, allows the ZIS System to grow with the requirements. The system can be scaled to any size from a single server to a cluster.

We would be glad to present you on site how your company benefits from the use of the ZIS System. We are looking forward to your contact!