The ZIS System has a very powerful script language to set up and ensure complete system automation. This easy to learn script language can be used to address all essential ZIS features and to set up a comprehensive automation solution.

The script language can be integrated in many areas of the ZIS System, such as the Event Monitor, LAN Monitor, and/or console emulation. This allows to create and reuse complex correlations and message filters or recurring tasks within a script. In addition, the ZIS internal script language includes a large number of automation commands and is therefore very versatile. Even if there are substantial situation analyses and correlation requirements, an automation solution can be implemented.

Key facts

The full integrated script language, which has been developed by LeuTek especially for the ZIS System, provides the following possibilities and features:

  • Usage in all functional areas of the ZIS System
  • Access to all interfaces and objects, hence almost complete automation of whole system
  • Special commands for automation tasks for systems management
  • Script editor with a large number of features to support the user (incl. syntax highlighting, syntax check, code structuring, online help, debugger)
  • Maximum performance by genuine multitasking of running scripts including locking and serialization mechanisms
  • Fully connected to database which rules out database corruptions

Scheduler/job planning

To realize a full automation solution, the ZIS System comes with a scheduler integrated. While standard function, such as ping queries, are customized in the pertaining monitors, the scheduler allows scripts to be started and executed on a periodic basis and/or at a defined time (e.g. every first Monday of a month).

Key facts

The scheduler of the ZIS System provides the following possibilities and features:

  • Configurable holiday calendar
  • Clear view, separated by periodic and one-time jobs
  • Daily, weekly and monthly views
  • Structured storage of jobs with comprehensive rules for one-time/periodic execution

We would be glad to present you on site how your company benefits from the use of the ZIS System. We are looking forward to your contact!