End-To-End Monitoring

The flexible and efficient end-to-end monitoring solution by LeuTek is based on the optimized combination of ZIS System family and the GUI roboter system TestComplete by SmartBear. This measures response times from the point of view of end users and evaluates them objectively. Especially those service providers or departments benefit who provide IT services to their customers/users and guarantee the quality of their services over service level agreements (SLAs).

Individual, independently executable scripts are the basis for end-to-end measurements. They can either be created with the intelligent script recorder or programmed manually in different scripting languages.

Key facts

End-to-end monitoring with dashboard and KPIs
End-to-end monitoring with dashboard and KPIs

End-to-end monitoring by LeuTek provides the following possibilities and features:

  • Availability check of all common applications (Windows, Java, and web clients)
  • Determine response times
  • Application check from login to complex transactions
  • Monitor terminal servers including graphical evaluation
  • Recognize or compare graphical user interfaces

We would be glad to present you on site how your company benefits from the use of the LeuTek end-to-end monitoring. We are looking forward to your contact!