Event Management & Correlation

Event Correlation
Event Correlation

Under ITIL, event management ensures, as a part of service operation, that configuration items (CIs) and services are permanently monitored. Event management filters and categorizes events to initiate any appropriate actions.

Event information can be correlated in the ZIS System in different processing steps, from receiving messages (raw data) over processing them (enrich events) and finally displaying the overall service (correlation of multiple events).

This way, proactive event management of the ZIS System helps to recognize problems at an early stage and to respond fast and in an appropriate way. It is not always that a single event triggers a response such as an alarm. In many cases, it is only a combination of individual events that leads to a critical event where an automatic response makes sense. In addition, a ZIS-internal script language allows to access all event information at every single processing stage. This provides an additional and very powerful method for very complex and/or externally enriched customized correlations.

The ZIS System supports both rule- and object-based correlation technologies. Due to a special structure, these exact methods lead to a clear description of the status of the source object at a very early stage. Correlation rules can be connected both to event definitions (bottom-up) and to service definitions (top-down). Within a so-called Event Unit (corresponds to an individual object), the statuses of individual objects are aggregated and correlated.

Key facts

The event management by LeuTek provides the following possibilities and features:

  • Correlate all information to form complete IT service views
  • Correlate statuses from system and application monitoring to analyze availability of business processes
  • Shorter response times by targeted alarms
  • Minimize mean time to repair (MTTR) by shorter recovery times
  • Recognize SLA and OLA violations and avoid them at an early stage
  • Root cause analysis for fast error detection
  • Impact analysis to display impacts of component failures
  • Automatic responses such as

    • Start scripts and/or applications with the possibility to pass parameters
    • Send SMS's with dedicated contents
    • Display a graphic that shows correlated events in a meaningful way (e.g. availability over given periods)
    • Pass events to the help desk and/or to other management tools

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