Power Management

LeuTek have developed the Eibogon NA12S, the Power Box V3, and the Power Box V4 especially for power management in data centers. The serve as intelligent electrical distributors that can be used in server racks to supply both 230V systems (e.g. servers, switches, and storage devices) and 400V standalone systems (e.g. mainframes, disk systems, or robots). Due to the high available power of the devices, individual fusing of the exits, and the standard 19“ format, the devices are both durable and flexible.

Eibogon NA 12S
Eibogon NA 12S
Power Box V3
Power Box V3

The current values determined by the power management components are collected in the ZIS System in Numeric Units and combined to a series of measurements. All readings can be archived and displayed as a chart. Calculation Units can be used to correlate a set of series of measurements and to display the results and to archive them.

Hence, the combination of LeuTek power management components and the display and archive features available in the ZIS System is the basis for comprehensive and state-of-the-art power management.

Key facts

The power management by LeuTek provides the following possibilities and features in connection with the ZIS System:

  • Remote power control (switch exits on/off using the ZIS System)
  • Measure current per exit
  • Monitor input and exits
  • Targeted switch-off actions in case of fire
  • Monitor defined thresholds
  • Trigger alarm if defined current values are reached or fail entirely
  • Standard recovery measures
  • Comparison and long-term archiving of readings
  • Reporting and dashboarding

We would be glad to present you on site how your company benefits from the use of the LeuTek power management. We are looking forward to your contact!