To ensure smooth business operations, efficient service level monitoring has an ever increasing role. Monitoring service level agreements (SLAs) is the prerequisite to successfully keep service levels that have been agreed upon, i.e. service control.

The ZIS Service Level Monitor (ZISSLM) by LeuTek is used to monitor the IT service infrastructure in real time and to display the resulting key performance indicators (KPIs) in a comprehensible way. The ZIS Service Level Monitor calculates the availability of business processes, systems, applications, etc., that are represented in the ZIS System or in ZISGUI. If the defined thresholds are violated, the alarm management integrated in the system takes care of informing the responsible persons in time (failure prediction).

Availability of a service
Availability of a service
vailability of a service drilling down to subservices
vailability of a service drilling down to subservices
E2E measurement ZISSLM
E2E measurement ZISSLM

Key facts

The ZIS Service Level Monitor by LeuTek provides the following possibilities and features:

Permanent quality control in real time and failure prediction

Determine and analyze availabilities of business processes along a service structure over settable periods in real time. This allows to monitor during operation if the service levels agreed upon are kept. Threshold violations are reported over the alarm management integrated in the ZIS System. This proactive monitoring helps to recognize performance problems at an early stage and avoids system outages.


State-of-the-art flash-based dashboards allow to display in a clear manner all KPIs that are relevant for a company. In addition to line and bar charts, useful pie charts including zoom-in feature are available for any periods. On the threshold view, you can see at a single glance if defined service levels have been violated. Furthermore, a clear LED view continuously informs you on allowed downtimes.

Problem identification using drill-down

The drill-down feature provides comfortable navigation and zooming in into structured, hierarchical data. This vertical view of services and their subservices supports simple and efficient analysis of errors contributing to a considerable reduction of the mean time to repair (MTTR). In service levels whose availability has fallen below the defined threshold within a given period you can quickly find the source of the error in the chart by zooming in. In the compress drill-down view, all objects that are not concerned can be hidden. Additionally, the drill-down feature can be used to analyze and assess past events later to prevent or minimize future malfunctions.


The integrated report generator supports data export from the resource and process management to standardized or customized reports. The data generated by the ZIS Service Level Monitor can also be written to an external reporting tool over different formats (PDF, HTML, RTF, XML, XLS, and CSV) to be displayed in a CI-compliant design.


Calculate KPIs relevant for the company pertaining to the service levels agreed upon.


The archiving mechanism integrated in the ZISSLM allows to store the service structure data in the system to view them in the future. Event statuses and performance data, such as CPU load, are archived as well. This allows you to view SLAs transparently for different periods in the past.


Availability service levels are based on objects that have a status (event statuses) and calculate if a defined threshold has been violated.

Metric service levels

Metric service levels use readings (analog signals, disk usage, performance values, CPU load, etc.) to calculate if a defined threshold has been exceeded or fallen below the value set.

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