ZISGUI System for Infrastructure Monitoring

Atos Worldline

Atos Worldline Processing GmbH have been a successful service provider in Europe for more than 20 years for processing credit and payments cards. In addition, they process ec and retail customer cards. Furthermore, they provide "iPAY" which is used for secure payment on the internet. Since 1994, they have been using the ZIS System for monitoring mainframe systems and as central alarm tool.

The challenges

Infrastructure monitoring at Atos
Infrastructure monitoring at Atos

After expanding the offices and hiring a new building with building equipment already installed, both monitoring and operating interfaces needed to be integrated into a cross-location focal-point system. This included building automation, digital and analog signal lines for monitoring additional equipment rooms, fire panel as well as power supply and A/C.

Why LeuTek have been chosen?

The ZIS/ZISGUI system was chosen for its price/performance ratio and its large number of interfaces and console emulations as well as for the high customization flexibility. A good solution for Atos Worldline Processing GmbH, since the system could be implemented without a large number of internal or external staff.


Using the ZIS and ZISGUI systems for monitoring building equipment components combined with the resulting alarms, malfunctions of individual components are recognized at an early stage round the clock, especially the effects on 24/7 IT operation. When the right technicians are directly alerted, they can proactively take trouble-shooting measures.

With its intuitive user guidance, structured user interfaces, and customized views, the ZISGUI system has been widely accepted among technicians in the company within a short time.

Statement Kai Berger, technical infrastructure manager

In summer 2004, the ZISGUI system was expanded to control building equipment remotely.