We set a high value on Service

Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, the Baloise Group is a European provider of insurance and pension solutions. It positions itself as insurer with smart prevention, the "Safety World". In Switzerland, it operates as a focused financial service provider, combining insurance and banking. Its other markets are Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Croatia, and Serbia. Baloise Group has approx. 8,800 employees.

The Baloise Group has been trusting in the software solutions and the consulting service of LeuTek GmbH for more than 10 years. The use of the ZIS System and its components has constantly been expanded so that a high degree of automation has been achieved. From the cooperation of Basler Versicherungen in the LeuTek customer advisory board, a successful partnership has emerged over the years, not only on an operative level but as well on a strategic one.

The features of the ZIS System extend into different areas: console monitoring and automation, central alert management, IT infrastructure monitoring and controlling (power management and monitoring), and central event management are among them. Since the ZIS System is used as single point of view and as an umbrella system, it supports both operation and production.

Moreover, the ZIS System allows to send information easily and directly to the end users because the Baloise Group uses it as central SMS platform in Switzerland. About 360,000 SMS's are sent over the ZIS System per year.

The latest project was service level monitoring and reporting which was designed and rolled out with the ZIS System last year. The required data are determined over component and end-to-end monitoring and then analzed and evaluated by the ZIS System. At the end of december 2011, almost 150 service level reports were available to the management for evaluation and further IT planning. The implementation of the service level monitoring solution by LeuTek made the availability of the complete IT, starting at the infrastructure up to complex applications, increase even further.

The ZIS System enables us to detect business process failures as fast as possible. Reporting and pertaining proactive tools allow us to recognize trends and counteract in due time. A fast and uncomplicated roll-out of the projects and the very good support of the LeuTek team have confirmed our decision at all times.

Statement of Christian Scherer, deputy head of IT Governance