Business Process Monitoring

The challenges

  • Consolidate heterogeneous mainframe structure and monitor servers, networks, and mainframes in a transparent and centralized manner
  • Represent service chains to monitor business processes efficiently
  • Logistic and technical challenges due to large amount of data, complex processes, intended data quality and a large number of persons involved

Why LeuTek have been chosen?

  • Very good experiences with LeuTek as reliable, flexible and long-standing expert, e.g. at rbg from 1992 to 2004 (ZIS System)
  • Features, integratability, display functions
  • Easy operability, low administration effort
  • Comprehensive field experience

Project milestones

  • Replace legacy systems and opt for an external standard system for centralized monitoring in multiple stages starting in 2004
  • ZISGUI deployment after successful pilot project for eBanking business process as well as migration to ZIS System 5.0
  • Since 2006 successive integration of additional business processes
  • Since 2008 set up a configuration management database as information source for monitoring


  • Hardware failures dropped due to early detection of incidents, e.g. by 90 percent for Solaris systems
  • Generally shorter communication paths, more efficient usage of resources, clear mapping of IT components to business processes by representing service chains
  • Clear, documented processes, high system stabillity and availability with > 99.9 percent
  • ZIS product family creates optimized IT operation as centralized overall system

Consolidation after expansion

In times that are dominated by cross-company activities, mergers, and acquisitions, transparent and cost-efficient IT structures are the basis for a sustained competitive advantage. The merger of the FIDUCIA AG with rbg, Rechenzentrale Bayerischer Genossenschaften eG, to form FIDUCIA IT AG increased monitoring challenges. The target was to harmonize existing systems and structures in order to create the transparency required for monitoring the complete IT infrastructure in a centralized manner. The mergers resulted in a heterogeneous system landscape with a large number of mainframes. Therefore, the mainframes needed to be consolidated and monitored by an overall solution. The decision was in favor of the LeuTek product ZIS System as basis tool.

In view of our very complex and heterogeneous IT infrastructure, we did not take any risk when we chose a monitoring overall solution. With the ZIS product line, we have decided in favor of a proven and flexible toolset, that was already successfully used in the Nuremberg and Kassel locations. Together with the technology partner LeuTek, we were able to pragmatically realize our ideas for optimized business process monitoring.

Statement of Carsten Pflaeging, Management Board