Synergies by cooperation

More service with reduced costs – this is the main goal of gkv informatik. The consortium bundles the IT resources, capacities, and competences of renowned German health insurances operating one of the largest data centers in this area in Europe. It provides comprehensive and tenant-specific services – shared among its associates (AOKs Nordost, NORDWEST, Rheinland/Hamburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, and BARMER GEK).

To reach the shared economic targets, the responsible persons at gkv informatik decided to use a central, integrated software – the USU product line Valuemation. The aim was to consolidate the heterogeneous, distributed IT landscape and to implement a standardized, ITIL-based IT service management. Within a few months, the project team provided a basis with a process analysis and by implementing an operation platform with transparent, redundance-free data for central ITIL disciplines. The individual ITIL processes were implemented step by step, e.g. configuration management for controlling about 120,000 IT goods. It was also important to establish a comprehensive service desk control center for all technical problems. The USU KnowledgeCenter, an intelligent knowledge database, supports this area in efficiently handling more than 300,000 failure reports per year.

Despite the size and the complexity of the project, the overall solution went operational after 11 months in time and budget. By centralizing selected IT infrastructures and services and better pricing conditions, gkv informatik can achieve savings for its customers up to 20 percent of insurance-specific IT costs – with uniformly high quality.

In another central project, optimized monitoring of the IT infrastructure was concerned. gkvi has one of the largest data centers in Europe. There is a total of 4,000 technical devices (switches, servers, hosts) and 20,000 cables with an overall length of more than 100 km (60 miles). Continuous monitoring of all technical components is the prerequisite to be met for business-critical processes to be available so that their performance can be ensured towards the customers.

The main target of the project was to have status overviews in "real time". The status reports generated in the past served as a basis. To improve currentness and comparability of information, the responsable persons at gkv informatik decided to collect and display system and status information in an automated way with the help of LeuTek specialists. To collect information in this manner has the advantage that operation statuses are current, comparable and standardized.

Today, current information is published on the intranet of gkv informatik and in the customer portals of the associates. The big advantage of this solution is that current information is provided as fast as possible, and it is an indispensable tool for the quality of the provided services to be monitored and analyzed continuously.

With the "umbrella system" and the Service Level Monitor by LeuTek, we were able to quickly meet our requirements regarding transparency and quality improvement. The ZIS System by LeuTek correlates and monitors the information from all management systems we use and displays them in efficient service views.

Statement of Hans-Juergen Mueller, operation monitoring manager