Power Management in the Data Center in Munich

The challenges

Following an executive decision, the organizations Europaeische Reiseversicherung and Almeda were integrated in the ERGO group in 2009. This required the IT, which was by then distributed in three different locations in Munich, to be consolidated.

Project milestones
The new data center located in the D.A.S. building in Munich was equipped with state-of-the-art technology in cooperation with ITERGO and the building management. This resulted in a data center surface of 100 sqm hosting 23 racks, each equipped with very early fire detection for targeted monitoring. A total of 18 km of cable were laid for the new data center, approx. 200 servers installed, and about 500 additional IT components set up. The basic infrastructure (network and server racks, power management, and very early fire detection) was updated to match the ITERGO locations in Duesseldorf, Hamburg, and Cologne so that they are on the same level. Therefore, the LeuTek solution was installed for power management, which had already been in use in the other locations.

The data center was moved, migrated and taken into operation at the new location on time in four stages from late October to mid November in 2009.

With the systems management tool by LeuTek, we have fully integrated our data center infrastructure. In addition to the power management components, climate monitoring, and information processing by LeuTek, additional infrastructure installations have been connected. This gives us a central view on all values and components relevant in the data center. With this Overall solution, we increase effectivity, availability, and power efficiency.

Statement of Rudolf von der Heide, data center specialist