Services with power

As a full-service provider for public insurance companies, ivv provides comprehensive IT services and customer-oriented service at its locations in Hanover and Oldenburg. It provides integrated systems and applications. Service level agreements secure a high level of quality. Data centers are the information-technical basis for the services to be provided. With the removal to a data center about 15 km away from the headquarters, new challenges arised late in 2009: faced with ever growing requirements of the availability of servers and network components and the necessity to respond fast and efficiently in case of malfunctions, the remote control of servers and monitoring servers and network components remotely became a decisive issue. One of the aims was to create an alarm manual from existing signal point messages.

The complex project for monitoring the ivv services as well as for alarm and power management was implemented by the end of 2010 together with the expert partner LeuTek. The new data center was equipped with facility management and state-of-the-art technology. For example, the project team equipped 26 servers and third-party systems with very early fire detection. Sophisticated wiring with 3,000 meters electric, 18,000 meters copper and 32,000 meters fiber optic cables are the basis for the communication of the data center infrastructure.

Today, there are approx. 3,500 different signal points that can now be controlled over the ZIS System. The different monitors and the alarm system of the ZIS System are important tools for detection and analysis. The user interfaces and the power management are the prerequisites for minimum troubleshooting time.

The ZIS System allows us to control and monitor the data center remotely. Now, finally, we have a system where all infrastructure data accumulate and can be monitored at a central point. In a subsequent project, an additional data center location will be connected to the ZIS System so that the complete infrastructure is monitored with a single software tool.

Uwe Fritsch, Data Center Infrastructure Manager