Complete IT Service Monitoring

The challenges

  • Consolidate heterogeneous system landscape and introduce comprehensive IT monitoring for complex IT services
  • Centralized monitoring of servers, mainframes, databases, networks, and applications
  • Merge and consolidate relevant information to create technical characteristics, monitor service level agreements and record in a reproducible manner if they are met
  • A series of departments and a large number of persons involved have high demands on intensive communication during the project and on a high-quality tool

Why LeuTek have been chosen?

  • Decision in favor of ZISGUI and ZISSLM after comprehensive evaluation of different systems used at ZDF and after successful pilot operation. These criteria were crucial: display technical information, SLA monitoring/reporting and connecting to other systems suchs as CMDB and ticket system, alarm options, usability and maintenance effort.

Project milestones

  • Implement project in multiple stages
  • Analyze current state and describe targets by cross-business project team
  • Connect IT services successively
  • Planned: Consolidate existing basic monitoring tools, connect ZIS System to CMDB and ticket system


  • Monitor systems and applications of ZDF IT transparently and comprehensively (management view and operating view)
  • Faster error location and trouble-shooting across platform, team and system boundaries, hence shorter recovery times of systems and increased productivity
  • Consolidated monitoring tools entail positive cost effects
  • Improved services for end customers, monitor and check service level agreements

Central monitoring

Many different tools used to monitor and control a large number of information technologies within IT operation. In a heterogeneous environment, many teams were responsible for their systems and applications. Increasing requirements of internal customers and their own high demands for a transparent overall monitoring led to a complete reorientation.

The aim was to centrally monitor the IT infrastructure and a comprehensive service level monitoring platform independent of team and system boundaries. After an evaluation of the existing monitoring tools used at ZDF, in 2008 the persons in charge opted for an overall solution based in the LeuTek products ZIS System, ZISGUI and ZISSLM.

IT operation is responsible for operation to be stable and providing IT services supporting business processes. For fast error analysis and trouble-shooting in case of a malfunction, a homogeneous monitoring view of the IT systems is required, which can be very complex. Many different monitoring tools could be easily connected to the ZIS System which allowed us to comprehensively monitor a large number of IT services in a short period of time.

Statement IT operation