Service Level Monitoring

Monitor your critical service levels

Monitoring of SLAs in real time

As a part of service level monitoring, compliance with the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) is monitored in order to detect or avoid impending violations at an early stage. To ensure this, an alert must be started if the defined threshold values are exceeded. It must be made clear which service is involved and where exactly the cause of the error lies.

The Service Level Monitor

The Service Level Monitor integrated in the ZIS System monitors SLAs in real time. The system supports freely definable service times, takes into account individual holiday calendars and company-specific maintenance intervals.

For a transparent view of the SLAs, all structure information and event states are stored in the system. Extensive dashboards and reporting capabilities as well as integrated alarm management make the ZIS Service Level Monitor an indispensable tool in the area of Business Service Monitoring.

LeuTek Service Level Monitoring ‒ Key Facts

Real time calculation
of service level


& commenting

Freely definable service
times, taking into account
holidays and planned
maintenance times

Various SLA

Proactive alerting
in case of
threshold violations

Historization of
service structures


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