Business Service Monitoring

Automatic Creation of Business of Business Service Views
Automatic Creation of Business of Business Service Views

The requirements for the availability of business processes are constantly on the increase and are decisive for the success of a company. This makes the dependency of business processes on the availability of the many affected systems more complex and increases the requirements for the service levels to be monitored.

Furthermore, the IT infrastructure is subject to an increasing dynamic requiring configuration items (CIs) to be analyzed permanently and gathered for example in a configuration management database (CMDB) as a basis for business service monitoring to be successful.

Advantages of a modern business service monitoring system

Targeted monitoring of business processes by correlating individual system statuses:

  • Increases customer satisfaction by higher service availability and shorter response times in case of an error
  • Minimizes downtimes of business services by faster recovery times
  • Prioritizes malfunctions by displaying the effects on the business service
  • Monitors and analyzes critical areas in the IT infrastructure
  • Recognizes/avoids SLA/OLA violations at an early stage
  • Provides trends used as basis for future management decisions

Business service monitoring with the ZIS System

The service monitor is integrated in the ZIS System family. It is the ideal tool to create business service monitoring and the pertaining graphical display from data retrieved from a configuration management database (CMDB) in an automated manner. This is achieved by reading the underlying structure data of the IT service either from a central CMDB or from any other data sources.

Central service view with relevant KPIs
Central service view with relevant KPIs

Once automated monitoring is implemented in the system, the different display tools allow tenant-specific views in real-time. This allows the system to support both dynamic and customizable views depending on the requirements of the tenants.

A crucial point for state-of-the-art business service monitoring is monitoring the service and operation levels that have been agreed upon. They are dynamically calculated in the service level module of the ZIS System family, and the availabilities of the business processes are displayed in real time whenever a status changes. This allows to monitor service levels in real time and to alert the persons responsible for a business process if an SLO violation is imminent.

The ZIS System provides comprehensive analysis tools for efficient trouble-shooting and recognizing potential effects on other services, for example the impact and the root-cause analysis. This reduces the mean time to repair (MTTR) considerably.

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