End-to-End Monitoring

End-to-End Monitoring
End-to-End Monitoring

End-to-end monitoring consists of repeatedly observing all configuration items (CIs) along an IT service process or IT service to evaluate response times objectively from the point of view of an end user. This allows companies to monitor applications proactively and to check and record the real availability of IT services. Any upcoming system bottlenecks should be recognized as fast as possible and eliminated, ideally before end users are affected.


Advantages of end-to-end monitoring

Reliable end-to-end monitoring provides to companies a full overview of the performance and availability of applications from the point of view of end users at all times.

These are resulting advantages:

  • Avoids SLA violations and contractual penalties
  • Recognizes weak points along a service chain and initiates proactive counter measures
  • Increases end user/customer satisfaction
  • Transforms subjective sensation to objective figures

End-to-end monitoring with the ZIS System

The end-to-end monitoring solution with the ZIS System provides a complete information workflow from application monitoring from the point of view of the end users to service level monitoring. If a violation of the defined thresholds is imminent, the integrated alarm management informs the responsible person at an early stage.

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