Event and Availability Management

The event and availability management allows to ensure the availability of the IT infrastructure in organizations and to guarantee to IT service providers a cost-efficient and sustained availability level to provide IT services. The availability of a service within a service period is specified in percent. To balance the costs and the required available IT services in an organization, it is of increased importance to measure services and make optimal use of them. An efficient event and availability management has a direct impact on the satisfaction of the customers of an IT organization.

Advantages of event and availability management

The major benefit of event and availability management is providing guidelines and instructions for all business areas and for the IT where availability plays a role. More benefits:

  • Customer-specific service level agreements can be met
  • Cost reduction by cost-efficient usage of IT resources
  • If threshold values are violated, proactive alarms can trigger appropriate counteractions in due time
  • Helps to diagnose and solve malfunctions and problems with reference to availability (root cause analysis)
  • Examines impacts of changes on the availability (impact analysis)

Event and availability management with the ZIS System

Subservice with error event and SLA information
Subservice with error event and SLA information

Pink Elephant have certified the event and availability solution under ITIL v3 so that the ZIS System family by LeuTek meets the PinkVerify standard. The ZIS System and its integrated ZIS Service Level Monitor can calculate the availability of service levels and simultaneously account for maintenance windows and service times. The ZIS Service Level Monitor displays the real availabilities as a table, dasboard, or graph including a drilldown function. This allows to model, monitor, and configure IT structures easily. All information on the availability are displayed in real time in customized views for different user groups. The integrated report generator can create detailed availability reports.