Service Level Monitoring

ZISSLM Reporting
ZISSLM Reporting

Service level monitoring is central to service level management, which in turn serves as ITIL process discipline to define, monitor and optimize IT services. The primary target is to permanently harmonize the performance of the IT services with business expectations, that are defined in so-called service level objectives (SLOs).

By defining service level agreements (SLAs), generally concluded between IT service provider and IT service customer, the required transparency is achieved to measure performance (services) and assess it objectively.

Service level agreements are economically very important, for example:

  • To compare different service providers
  • For impartial assessment of internal IT services to minimize costs, increase productivity and competitiveness
  • To meet IT compliance requirements

Advantages of an integrated service level monitoring system

Service level monitoring monitors if SLAs and their key performance indicators (KPIs) are met to recognize imminent violations at an early stage or to avoid them entirely. To ensure this, an alarm must be triggered if a threshold is exceeded. This alarm should include the service in question and the exact location of the cause of the error. In addition, contract penalties resulting from SLA violations can be avoided if alarms are fired at an early stage (failure prediction).

Service level monitoring with the ZIS System

The ZIS Service Level Monitor (ZISSLM), which is part of the ZIS System family, monitors SLAs in real time. The system supports customizable service times, considers individual holiday calendars and company-specific maintenance intervals. All structural information and event statuses are stored by the system to be able to display SLAs over different periods in the past. Comprehensive dashboards and reporting options as well as the integrated alarm management render the ZIS Service Level Monitor an indispensable tool in business service monitoring.

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