Systems Management

Important business processes depend on the IT infrastructure to work smoothly. Downtimes lead to considerable costs. Efficient systems management can help to define relations and interdependencies in such a way that systems and applications work together efficiently. With this concept, IT administrators can introduce automatisms that can be used to quickly solve simple problems and to inform experts if needed. In addition, they can observe resources, predict and avoid critical situations, quickly recognize and solve minor problems and provide efficient recovery after fatal errors.

Advantages of a systems management solution

Proactive systems management administers and controls the IT resources in a company at a central point and automates the administration tasks. It does not only focus on response, but on prevention as well. The main advantages are:

  • Faster response to events and shorter mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Improved performance of IT organisation
  • Support to meet service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Automation of routine tasks, such as monitoring file systems or process monitoring

Systems management with the ZIS System

Web server monitoring
Web server monitoring

The ZIS System family provides the required prerequisites for comprehensive systems management solutions. It is not only the fast response to events that plays an important role, but prevention as well.

The systems management by LeuTek provides an overview of the availability of all important systems and business processes as well as different levels of view and operation accesses. Special process objects can reflect complex structures realistically. This way, IT processes are captured very fast, modeled as required and maintained with little effort to reflect the current situation.

The ZIS System family provides a complete systems management concept consisting of:

  • Cross-platform monitoring, i.e. proactive monitoring of IT systems and hardware resources in connection with recovery functions
  • Automation interfaces to create process objects
  • Event correlation, i.e. logical relation and weighting of statuses of individual objects
  • Data evaluation and graphical display
  • Alarm management with integrated escalation processes
  • Remote control of distributed systems
  • Security, i.e. fire panel and intrusion detection system

The systems management by LeuTek provides its contribution to a high service quality and a considerable reduction of all costs pertaining to IT management.