Systems Management

For a smooth operation
of your IT infrastructure

Systems management
with the ZIS System

Important business processes depend on the IT infrastructure to work smoothly. Downtimes lead to considerable costs. Efficient systems management can help to define relations and interdependencies in such a way that systems and applications work together efficiently.

Automate your IT administration

With this concept, IT administrators can introduce automatisms that can be used to quickly solve simple problems and to alert experts if needed. In addition, they can observe resources, predict and avoid critical situations, quickly recognize and solve minor problems and provide efficient recovery after fatal errors.

Systems management with the ZIS System

For systems management, the ZIS System administers and controls the IT resources in a company at a central point and automates the administration tasks.

Actively monitoring your servers and applications

> 650 plugins available out of the box 

Centralized and automated monitoring

event correlation

High degree of automation (process restart, etc.)

Fast and simple error analysis

Multi-tenant, clear dashboards

Comprehensive out-of-the-box reporting

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