Alarm Management

Alarm management means systematic alarm handling to safeguard the company IT. An alarm is defined as an event that requires system administrators to respond fast and target-oriented.

The alarm management by LeuTek provides the following possibilities and features:

  • Multi-tenant dashboards for a central view on all active alarms
  • Prioritization of alarms using different severities
  • Alarm reduction by customizable alarm filters to create user-specific views
  • Suppressing identical alarms within definable periods
  • Sending tailor-made alarms to responsible on-call service by combining different alarm media (voice call, SMS, e-mail, voice over IP, etc.) depending on time and urgency
  • Simultaneous transfer of alarms to a receiver or to groups depending on the alarm
  • Alarms secured by escalation steps within an on-call service by alerting multiple persons after a definable waiting time if the alarm has not been acknowledged
  • Define alarm plans
  • State-of-the-art web user interface for easy and fast on-call service planning