ZIS System Disciplines

LeuTek Monitoring Disciplines
LeuTek Monitoring Disciplines
Systems management

For systems management, the ZIS System administers and controls the IT resources in a company at a central point and automates the administration tasks.

Cloud & Docker Monitoring



The ZIS system provides automated monitoring of a Docker environment and a comprehensive overview of the cloud infrastructure.


Capacity management

Capacity management ensures that the available IT capacities meet current and future requirements.

Umbrella system

It collects a wide variety of data, e.g. critical statuses and operational information from upstream management tools. The aim is a proactive 360° IT view.

IT and business service monitoring/service level monitoring

One of the main issues of state-of-the-art business service monitoring is automated real-time monitoring of service and operation levels (SLAs/OLAs). Comprehensive analysis options allow for efficient controlling.

End-to-end monitoring

The end-to-end monitoring solution with the ZIS System provides complete application monitoring from the point of view of the end users.

Infrastructure monitoring

In holistic monitoring, the data center infrastructure should be monitored as well in addition to the classic ITIL® disciplines.