Business Service Monitoring

The requirements for the availability of business processes are constantly on the increase and are decisive for the success of a company. This makes the dependency of business processes on the availability of the many affected systems more complex and increases the requirements for the service levels to be monitored.

Furthermore, the IT infrastructure is subject to an increasing dynamic requiring configuration items (CIs) to be analyzed permanently and gathered for example in a configuration management database (CMDB) as a basis for business service monitoring to be successful.

Service Monitoring with the ZIS System

  • Automated data transfer from existing CMDB/SMDB/other data sources or data modeling in ZIS System
  • Automated creation of service structures by data transfer from CMDB or direkt data modeling in ZIS System
  • Assessing, correlating, and aggregating events to provide meaningful service statuses
  • Multi-tenant dashboards showing all relevant additional information
  • Drill-down feature within service structures down to detail views at infrastructure level
  • Automated root-cause analysis for fast and efficient error handling
  • Service impact analyses to efficiently display impacts of downtimes for services and customers
  • Simulating maintenance scenarios
  • Integrated alarm features

Service Level Monitoring

One of the main issues of state-of-the-art Business Service Monitoring is monitoring the agreed service and operation levels (SLAs/OLAs).

Service level agreements are economically very important. First, they serve to compare different service providers; second, they are used for impartial assessment of internal IT services to minimize costs, increase productivity and competitiveness. An additional point is meeting IT compliance regulations.

Overview of service level monitoring within the ZIS System:

  • Real-time calculation of service level availabilities
  • Tamper-proof corrections and comments of service level reports
  • Customizable service times
  • Comprehensive out-of-the-box reports
Dashboard LeuTek Service Monitoring
Dashboard LeuTek Service Monitoring
Dashboard LeuTek Root-Cause Analysis
Dashboard LeuTek Root-Cause Analysis