Infrastructure Monitoring

In holistic business service monitoring, the data center infrastructure should be monitored as well in addition to the classic ITIL® disciplines. More and more organizations recognize this necessity and implement systems with this all-in approach to ensure service availability.

Factors such as temperature in a data center, power consumption, dropping performance of air condition, imminent overload of power rails, or UPS malfunction influence service availability, too. It is only by combining both disciplines that creeping service risks are recognized at an early stage.

Messages from different third-party systems, e.g. fire panels, building controls systems, video monitoring, or burglary alarm systems, complete the monitoring concept.

The ZIS System provides a large number of features and interfaces that are especially designed for monitoring data center infrastructure. For example, temperature sensors, mains analysers, and RCM devices can be connected directly to the ZIS System. As an alternative to directly capturing readings and evaluating status messages, the ZIS System can poll or retrieve data from upstream systems such as building control or fire panels. It is self understood that automatic responses can be triggered, such as alarms, in case of threshold violations. As a comprehensive monitoring system, information from infrastructure monitoring can be combined with those from business service monitoring to be displayed on a central dashboard.

Dashboard LeuTek Infrastructure Monitoring at ZDF
Dashboard LeuTek Infrastructure Monitoring at ZDF