Mainframe Monitoring

It is especially in the field of mainframe monitoring and console consolidation that LeuTek have more than 20 years experience, which is reflected in a large number of product features. Based on this experience and many installations in demanding mainframe environments, the ZIS System provides a large number of features in these areas: externals monitoring, event processing, console consolidation, console monitoring and controlling, IPL management, remote operation, heart beat check, as well as HMC controlling and monitoring.

In addition, the ZIS System provides a special adapter that is used to transfer events from host-internal automation directly to the ZIS System. Additionally, all console information can directly be accessed over TN3270 consoles. This allows to include mainframes into central IT monitoring and completes full business service views by mainframe events. It is understood that all common host platforms, such as z/OS, z/Linux, z/VM, X-Series, VM/VES, and BS2000, are included. For example, the comprehensive emulation of the z/OS HMC console provides large automation and controlling possibilities of the IPL and shutdown phase as well as manual interventions using secure remote access.

The large number of console types available in the ZIS System allows a comprehensive consolidation of TN3270 and Unix/Linux-based consoles in data centers. Additionally, specialized console types allow "exotic" emulations to be easily integrated. The automation features contained in the ZIS System are available for console monitoring, too. This way, all connected consoles can be completely automated. This means that not only manual operation is possible but also automated console input as well as periodic checks of the console contents for defined complex trigger expressions.

Furthermore, the ZIS console monitor provides maximum availability for all connected consoles. By using distributed console servers, consoles can be operated even if the central database server is upgraded or restarted. This is a crucial argument when it comes to high-availability of mainframe consoles.

Key facts

The console monitor integrated in the ZIS System provides the following possibilities and features:

  • Comprehensive trigger and filter functions to categorize and pass on console messages
  • Automate trivial actions by automated console input
  • Automated console login after restart
  • Individual automatic response on appearing or disappearing console messages
  • Powerful context analysis by analyzing the complete screen contents
  • Secure concurrent console operation by multiple users and/or automation scripts
  • Very high system performance - concurrent operation of several thousand consoles
  • Settable monitoring cycle with a maximum of 10 complete monitoring cycles per second for message floods
  • Multi-tier privilege concept for full operating privilege in single or multi-user mode or view privilege
  • Full multi-tasking capability for simultaneous monitoring, automating and operating all consoles by users and automation scripts
  • High-availability: By using distributed console servers, availability of connected consoles is ensured for users even if the central database server is upgraded or restarted

We would be glad to present you on site how your company benefits from the use of the ZIS console monitor. We are looking forward to your contact!

LeuTek Mainframe Monitoring