Ticket Correlation

Reduce the number of your tickets

Limiting the ticket flood

Since monitoring solutions are often isolated from one another and they cannot recognize any relations, multiple incidents are opened for different departments in case of an outage although only one of them is usually in charge of error handling. It therefore makes sense to recognize, display and evaluate the relations in the system and to create a single ticket for the department that is in charge. This reduces both effort and number of tickets within a company.

Ticket correlation in practice

Ticket correlation describes the relation between events and required internal interventions or required error messages. This allows to interpret and classify events using configurable logic. Various information, e.g. cluster information, miscellaneous topology dependencies or from service models, is used to categorize them from a logical viewpoint.

Solution paper ticket correlation

The solution paper describes the practical challenges facing IT organizations today and shows what an "ideal" solution might look like to save about one third of the tickets.

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