Learn the basics and the wide
possibilities of the ZISAgent


During the 3-day training, you will learn the basics as well as wide possibilities of the ZISAgent. In the basic training, you will learn how to work with the ZISAgent as monitoring tool and how to use variable templates as a basis to standardize monitoring in large environments. With the basics in mind, you will develop a plugin of your own in the second part of the training and integrate it in a ZIS System environment.


  • Installing the ZISAgent
  • Integrating the ZISAgent in the ZIS System
  • Creating standardized templates
  • Developing plugins

Target group

The seminar is suited for users having experience with the ZIS System and who want to deepen the subject of monitoring with the ZISAgent.


1,950.00 EUR plus VAT for training held in German.

Training registration LeuTek

Training registration LeuTek



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