Umbrella Monitoring

In many cases, expert teams use specialized management solutions in a complex IT infrastructure to monitor the systems within their area. Successful companies have a consolidated view of their complete IT infrastructure. This is the central requirement for a state-of-the-art umbrella system. It must be possible to easily integrate existing management systems and solutions and to display their information in a compact service view to support IT service management.

The ZIS System as umbrella system

It collects a wide variety of data, e.g. critical statuses and operational information from server monitoring, information from upstream management tools, from mainframe monitoring or other third-party systems such as building technology or fire panels.

This renders the ZIS System by LeuTek a universal umbrella system that combines information from infrastructure with that of classic IT. The ZIS System is where everything converges.


  • 360° view over complete IT
  • Large number of interfaces to connect to existing systems (multi-system consolidation)
  • Integrating IT infrastructure
  • Powerful event correlation
  • Comprehensive automation (CMDB, etc.)
  • Interlinking incident process to monitoring for efficient processing under ITIL®
  • Enrichment with all relevant additional information to support your decisions (incident, change, solution database, ...)
  • Efficient error analysis to reduce repair times
  • Clear dashboards for your different user groups