Umbrella System

Central monitoring of your IT infrastructure

Central IT Monitoring

In many cases, expert teams use specialized management solutions in a complex IT infrastructure to monitor the systems within their area. Successful companies have a consolidated view of their complete IT infrastructure. This is the central requirement for a state-of-the-art umbrella system. It must be possible to easily integrate existing management systems and solutions and to display their information in a compact service view to support IT service management.

Whitepaper Umbrella Monitoring

The whitepaper describes the practical challenges facing IT organizations today and what an ideal umbrella solution can look like.

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The ZIS system as umbrella system

In this function it serves as a collection point for a wide variety of data, e.g. critical states and operating information from server monitoring, information from upstream management tools, the monitoring of mainframes or information from other external systems, such as building control systems and fire alarm centres.

Universally applicable

This renders the ZIS System by LeuTek a universal umbrella system that combines information from infrastructure with that of classic IT. The ZIS System is where everything converges.

Video Umbrella Monitoring

Have a look at our video:
Umbrella Monitoring: The 360° view on IT using the ZIS System

Video Umbrella Monitoring

The ZIS system as an umbrella – Key Facts

360° view over
complete IT

Large number of interfaces
to existing systems

Integration of
the IT infrastructure

event correlation


Enrichment with all
relevant information
(incident, change etc.)

Efficient error analysis
to reduce repair times

Clear dashboards for
different user groups

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